Planning & Zoning 

The Community Development Department’s Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for managing the current and long-term growth of the city through the administration of the zoning code and the comprehensive town plan. A public hearing may be initiated by an applicant in order to request an annexation, rezoning, variance, conditional use permit, or comprehensive plan amendment. The Planning and Zoning Division will administer the Public Hearing process, involving other departments when necessary based on the application, and present a recommendation to the Planning Commission and Mayor and City Council before which the application should appear. Please visit the "Public Hearing Cases" tab for information on an ongoing case. 

Annexation: a public hearing process in which an applicant requests that an area of land is incorporated into the city of Woodstock. Land included in an annexation request must be contiguous to the existing city limits.
Condition Amendment: a public hearing process in which the applicant seeks to change the conditions of a previous zoning case applied to a property.
Conditional Use Permit (CUP): a public hearing process in which the applicant requests a use on a subject property that generally would not be appropriate throughout a zoning district but which, if controlled as to visual appearance, number, area, height, location, or relation to abutting or nearby uses, would not be injurious to the public, health, safety, welfare, morals, order, comfort, convenience, appearance or general welfare.
Rezoning: a public hearing process in which the zoning classification on a subject property is changed from one category to another in order to achieve desired uses and/or dimensional standards.
Variance: a public hearing process in which the applicant seeks relief from standards required by the city’s zoning ordinance and/or development regulations.


Smart Communities Challenge 
One of only four cities selected statewide, the City of Woodstock application was chosen by the Atlanta Regional Commission and Georgia Tech for the Smart Communities Challenge. The team was recognized at a special event on June 18, 2019, in Macon. The funds will be used to complete the Smart Woodstock Strategy and Smart Corridor Study, in partnership with Pond & Company and Modern Mobility Partners. The Smart Corridor Study will analyze the challenges and opportunities with the Main Street and Towne Lake Parkway intersection, exploring technological solutions to increase efficiencies and enhance traffic
flow through this critical corridor. The results of this project are expected later this year.
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A Gold Certified Green Community
The Atlanta Regional Commission's Green Communities Program assists local governments with implementing measures that will reduce their environmental footprint not only within government buildings but throughout the entire city. The resulting successes have generated their own momentum and created a cycle of expanding efforts and incentives.The City of Woodstock earned the at the bronze level in 2010 and gold in 2015, with re-certification at the gold level in 2019.

2015 PlanFirst Community Recognition
The City of Woodstock has been recognized by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) as one of 10 PlanFirst Communities in the entire state! 2015 is the inaugural year for this competition which awards communities for execution of their Comprehensive Plans. As part of the process, the Woodstock was able to demonstrate specific objectives that were stated in our plans, and which have become tangible assets to our community, such as the Main Street Streetscape Project. Benefits of this award include access to reduced interest rates on certain Georgia Environmental Finance Authority loans, bonus points on applications for DCA grants and programs, and free attendance for staff at DCA Community Planning Institute training events.

City of Woodstock is a 2040+ Community
The City of Woodstock is part of the 10-county area that makes up the metro Atlanta region. Just as we have a comprehensive long-range plan for our city and county, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has a long-range plan for the region. This plan is called Plan 2040 and it can't be followed without cooperation of local cities and counties. The Plan has Minimum Standards that must be met for local implementation, and a set of rigorous Excellence Standards that are desirable. The Planning Department has gone through an extensive self-assessment and has submitted documentation to the ARC to show which standards we meet. Based on our exemplary performance as a forward-looking community, we have met not only just the Minimum Standards, but also a large enough percentage of the Excellence Standards to be named a 2040+ Community and a Regional Leader in Sustainability! Only the City of Woodstock and the City of Atlanta have reached this designation, out of the 68 incorporated cities and towns and 10 counties.