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Tour: City Parks

Take a tour of our beautiful city parks in the City of Woodstock.


Visit, Shop, Explore Woodstock

Here you can find different local vendors, neighborhoods, churches, parks and trails, city services, and much more.

Thumb_App_RubesCreekTrail_1200x800Spotlight: Rubes Creek Trail

Trail Spotlight: Meet the newest trail in Woodstock!

Thumb_App_NoondayCreekTrail_1200x800Spotlight: Noonday Creek Trail

Meet our first Greenprints Trail!

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Do I Live in the City?

Can't tell if your property resides within the incorporated city limits of Woodstock? Use this app to search by address or parcel number and determine if you're a City of Woodstock resident.


Zoning & Property Viewer

Zoning Adopted FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Please note: This is a LIVE application. Data is updated from their authoritative source and is available as information is processed. If you find an error, please report it to the data authors provided within the application.

Thumb_App_Transportation_1200x800Transportation Projects

View the upcoming transportation projects for the city, county, and state.

Thumb_App_DTParking2_1200x800Downtown Parking & Trolley

Downtown Parking Information - use this web app to view available public parking and trolley stop information. For more details, visit


Greenprints Trail System

View the Greenprints Alliance Trail System within Cherokee County. For more information, visit the Greenprints Alliance website (


Trail Elevation Profiles

We have some of the most popular Mountain Bike Trails around! View this map to see the elevation profile for each mountain bike trail at Olde Rope Mill Park and Dupree Park.



Floodplain data for the state is maintained by the State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Click the thumbnail to visit their floodplain viewer, Georgia DFirm.


Woodstock In Progress

Use this to see where the City of Woodstock is building, expanding, repaving, and enhancing. From new businesses to new roads to new trails, there's always something new!


Now Open in Woodstock

Use this to see the newest businesses licenses in the City of Woodstock within the last 60 days.

Downloadable Maps

Last Updated

Official Zoning Map

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
8.5 x 1118 x 2436 x 48

Entertainment District

OCTOBER 14, 2019 
8.5 x 11

City Limits 

FEBRUARY 3, 2020
8.5 x 11
18 x 2436 x 48

City Parks

MARCH 1, 2019
8.5 x 1118 x 2436 x 48

Points of Interest

FEBRUARY 3, 2020
8.5 x 1118 x 2436 x 48

District Wards

FEBRUARY 3, 2020
8.5 x 1118 x 2436 x 48

District Wards (2013)

MARCH 27, 2013

36 x 48

District Wards (2006)

JANUARY 5, 2007

36 x 48

Future Development (2018)

AUGUST 27, 2018
8.5 x 11
18 x 24
36 x 48

Future Development (2008)

FEBRUARY 20, 2008
11 x 1718 x 24

Tax Allocation District (TAD)

JULY 2013
8.5 x 11

Urban Redevelopment Area (URA)

JULY 2013
8.5 x 11

Downtown Development Authority Boundary (DDA)

AUGUST 26, 2019
8.5 x 11

GIS Data Download

Layer Name Last Update Size Download
City Limits 2020 February 3 99KB CityLimits.shp
Future Development 2018 August 27 202KB FutureDeveloment_2018.shp
District Wards 2020 February 3 186KB DistrictWard.shp
Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Boundary 2019 August 26 21KB DDABoundary.shp
Downtown District Boundary 2018 February 1 17KB DowntownDistrict.shp
Tax Allocation District (TAD) 2013 July 11KB TAD.shp
Points of Interest 2013 July 11KB POI.shp
Urban Redevelopment Area (URA) 2013 July 32KB URA.shp