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2020 City-wide Yard Sale- Advertisement Request Form

  1. Event Information:

    City Wide Yard Sale - All weekend - Friday, June 19-21! See website for participating addresses! The Great American Cleanup organizes millions of volunteers in activities that encourage individual stewardship for the environment and care for the community. Efforts in litter prevention and removal, waste reduction, recycling, beautification, and community greening result in cleaner, greener, safer and more beautiful public spaces. In conjunction with Earth Week, residents are encouraged, city-wide, to hold yard sales! Sign up on our website to have your yard sale added to the list on our website, flyer, e-mail blast,, and newspaper ads at no charge. Deadline is 6-8-20.

  2. Contact Information

    Name, email address and telephone number will not be included in the advertisement. For office use only.

  3. Application Deadline:

    The deadline to apply for advertisement for the City-wide Yard Sale is Monday, June 8, 2020.

  4. Location of Addresses:

    Addresses located in Woodstock will be accepted. It is not necessary to be located within the Incorporated City Limits to apply for this advertisement.

  5. Further Information:

    The advertisement will be for the entire weekend. Please place signs for days/times/directions for your location.

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