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Commemorative Brick Order Form

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  2. Commemorative Brick Order Form- The Park at City Center

    Commemorative Bricks are ordered twice per year, in May and in November. The cost per brick is $25.00 and includes an engraved brick installed at The Park at City Center, a certificate and a locator map.

  3. May order dates: May 1-15

  4. November order dates: November 1-15

  5. NOTE: Orders received between order dates will be held and processed with the next brick order in May or November.

  6. Brick orders take 4-6 weeks for engraving and installation.

  7. Only one brick per order form, please.

    Fill in spaces with copy you wish engraved on brick. Up to 3 lines with a maximum of 14 characters each. Spaces between words, periods, commas, symbols, apostrophes, and numerals count as character spaces. Generic Symbols are available. Please double check the form for any typographical errors, as mistakes are carved in stone and cannot be corrected.

  8. Payment Information:

    Cost per brick $25.00. Debit Card service charge $1.95. Credit Card service charge $3.95.

  9. Fee Payment Agreement*

    Online Commemorative Brick orders require a debit or credit card payment. By checking the Payment Agreement box below, you agree for your card to be charged; upon acceptance of your brick order. You will receive an emailed receipt once your order has been processed.

  10. Exactly as it appears on card.

  11. Credit Card Billing Address:

    Please make sure to enter the address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.

  12. 16 Digits- Enter card number

  13. Month/Year Example: 00/00

  14. 3 Digits

  15. Thank you for your Commemorative Brick order. You will receive an emailed confirmation once your order is received and payment has been processed. Brick orders take 4-6 weeks for engraving and installation.

    If you have any questions, please contact Heather Gaddis at 770-592-6000 x1951 or

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